About Iryl Mugas


Iryl Mugas is a photographer and artist who received her Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Media Practise at The University Of Westminster, UK. Whilst her interest spans various mediums, her passion for fashion ultimately steered her towards specialising in the field of fashion photography. She is currently living in London.

In 2023, Mugas showcased her diverse multimedia artworks in her exhibition, Mind and Matter, at Ambika P3 for her final major project in partnership with Trauma Breakthrough Charity, which aimed to educate the audience about the widespread, longterm effects of childhood trauma through trauma-based statistics. 

Her photographic work has also been published in numerous fashion magazines such as StyleCruze, 17:23, Quadro and Artells, as well as Indian news articles like The Indian Express, Times Of India and Eastern Eye to name a few. 


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